About Me

Hi I am Hari, Son of Mother India!
My career, since 2000, has provided me with tremendous opportunities and here is what I believe my personal brand proposition is:

Be a double edge sword

Continuously grooming my technical and leadership skills throughout my career helped me to sustain and scale at all levels. At some point of time in our career, we need to decide how much we should be hands-on and how much we should focus on building great teams. I believe sharpening technical and leadership skills will help to get out of comfort zone.

Student mindset

Being curious to learn quickly has been my great strength. With current digital world, experience would help just few steps. Being humble to accept I know little works like a magic.

Leadership Skills

Building Agile and DevOps Teams


Product Management & UX


Lean Practice


Digital Marketing


Delivery Management


Technical Skills

Cloud Transformation


Data and Visual Analytics


Continuous Delivery Architecture


Site Reliability Engineering






Advanced Data Analytics Specialist

BT Group, Openreach

2021 — present

Build Fibre Analytics Platform for Openreach. Graph Analytics, Flow Optimization, Data Engineering.

Principal Consultant, Azure and DevOps Architect


2020 — 2021

Build DevOps capabilities for High Performing Teams.

Principal Consultant

TaUB Solutions

2017 — 2020

Challenge and Improve opportunity and delivery, customer engagement, IT strategy, Gamification, Agile and DevOps practice head, Corporate Coach

Account Manger - Compliance Solutions

D&B Technologies & Data Service

2011 — 2017

Managing customer engagements, building JEE and .Net solutions for Fortune 500 customers, building a team with peak size of 60. Exposed to ERP Solutions, Commodity and Risk Management domains.

Project Manager

HTC Global Service India Pvt Ltd., India

2006 — 2011

Building JEE and .Net solutions for Fortune 500 customers, building a team with peak size of 60. Exposure to ERP Solutions, Commodity and Risk Management domains.

Software Specialist

Patni Computer Systems, USA

2000 — 2006

I enjoyed building continuous delivery solutions for in-house products based on JEE and Microsoft stack. Challenges include code generation of model-driven development (MDD), integrations with multiple source control systems like Dimensions, Clearcase, code scanning for standards and security vulnerability, regression and dependency validation on enterprise artifacts (.dll and .jar)